Lesson Plans WW1 Wilson and his 14 Points Illustration

Lesson Plan WW1 Wilson and his 14 Points

For Teachers

US History Classes (11th or 12th grades) Common Assessment; United States as a World Power

Essential Question:

How was the US able to develop into a world power through the movement of people, trade, and force?


Use the questions below to analyze primary sources (Wilson's War Message to Congress) on your own paper. Use complete sentences and be thorough. Title your paper “World War I, U.S. Declaration of War against Germany, 1917.”

1. When was this document written? Was it in response to a particular circumstance, during an event, immediately after an event, or after a lapse of time?

2. Was Wilson a neutral party or did he have opinions or interests that might have influenced what was written/recorded?

3. What was the point of view or sentiment presented in the document?

4. What did Wilson mean when he claimed “We have no quarrel with the German people”?

5. How did Wilson deal with the topic of German-Americans?

6. Were Wilson’s ultimate war goals realistic? Explain thoroughly.

7. In your supported opinion, did Wilson really want to make the “world safe for democracy” or did he want to make it safe for American business? Explain your opinion thoroughly.

Click here for the text of Wilson's War Message to Congress

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