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World War I
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Lesson Plans by Mr. Donn

The Zimmermann Telegram

The Lusitania and Submarine Warfare

Propaganda & Propaganda Posters, World War I

Analyzing primary sources, Wilson's War Message to Congress; How the US was able to develop into a world power through the movement of people, trade, and force

American Industry in World War I, converting civilian factories to production of war materials

Treaty of Versailles, simulation, classroom negotiation (group activity)

The Russian Revolution

Lesson Plans by other teachers

The Debate in the United States over the League of Nations

Fighting for Peace, the Fate of Wilson's 14 Points

Great War, WWI, evaluating the Treaty of Versailles, lesson plan

Treaty of Versailles

What is the lasting impact of World War I? lesson plan, classroom activity

Lesson Plans by the National War Museum for Middle School and High School

Outstanding Lesson Plans, with handouts and PowerPoints, including
  • The Impact of Animals During WWI
  • Austrian Heir and His Wife Murdered in Bosnian Capital
  • How Technology Changed the Way WWI Was Fought
  • Civil Liberties in American During WWI
  • German-Americans in WWI: Facing Challenges at Home
  • The United States Enters the War: Weighing Decisions to Enter the War
  • Patriotism: Analyzing Over 60 Primary Source Propaganda Posters that called America to Action During WWI
  • And More

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